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“Producers proposed the names of six composers, to me. Among them, was Marco Werba, who I knew for a long time, because he was one of my admirers and was working on “Zoo”, a movie my daughter Asia was playing the main role in. I listened to Marco’s music and I have chosen him for my film. I am very satisfied with the film score he wrote for “Giallo”.

Dario Argento (from the interview by Lorenzo Ricciardi)

The original score composed by Marco Werba for Giallo, Dario Argento’s latest film, is dense, varied and very strong. The work accomplished by Marco Werba is very impressive. He is an excellent composer, as his beloved Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Hermann, very rigorous in his work. Let’s hope that his exceptional work for Giallo will help him in writing high budget film scores.

Emmanuel Rouglan (from the review of “Giallo”)

The film « Love of freedom » is set in 1647, in Italy. Marco wrote a beautiful, dramatic score with moving pieces for string ensemble and equally beautiful and evocative arrangements for wind instruments. The main theme sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. Marco Werba is definitely one of Itay’s best hidden gems and it’s about time he gets the recognition he deserves.

Godwin Borg (from the article “Emotion made music”)

For a number of years I have followed the film music career of composer Marco Werba with great interest, he is in every sense of the word a Maestro. « Anita » is a gem of a soundtrack, and is scored for a small orchestra; mainly strings, guitar and woodwinds with minimal use of percussion and horn. This is an interesting and certainly pleasurable release, and one that I would certainly recommend without any reservation.

John Mansell (from the review of the CD “Anita”)