“Emotion made Music” by Godwin Borg

Until July 2006 I was just familiar with the name Marco Werba until I got the chance to meet this composer in Spain and it was there that I got to really start appreciating his immense talent. It was also there I got to discover this beautiful score. The film is set in 1647 Italy and narrates the story of Tommaso Aniello D’Amalfi. Marco wrote a beautiful, dramatic score rich in really moving pieces for string ensemble and equally beautiful and evocative arrangements for wind instruments. The main theme (present in various arrangements along the recording, including a beautiful folkoristic / tarantella version) sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. Also worth mentioning that the love theme (Tema D’Amore) and the insanity theme (Tema Della Follia ,Amore E Liberta`) were written by none less than French composer FRANCIS LAI. Marco Werba is definitely one of Itay’s best hidden gems and it’s about time he gets te recognition he deserves, I really hope that film makers do give more opportunities to this marvellous composer!.