For a number of years I have followed the film music career of composer Marco Werba with great interest, he is in every sense of the word a Maestro. His score for ZOO was what first drew my attention to him, that and also his promo compact disc featuring various tracks from productions he had been involved with. ANITA is a gem of a soundtrack, and is scored for a small orchestra mainly strings, guitar and woodwinds with minimal use of percussion and horn, if I am correct? Werba has created a gentle and romantically laced work, that truthfully puts me in mind of the style of the late French composer Georges Delerue, there is just that sound to it, a delicate yet full bodied collection of themes flow easily and smoothly to create a pleasurable and gratifying listening experience. Poignant themes and musical passages adorn this work that are intelligently constructed and elegantly performed, affable is the word that best describes this score, elegant, gracious and although at times sombre still attractive. The disc is the second release for Godwin Borg’s Kronos Records, and this small label has already made its mark with collectors, Godwin’s approach adds a certain intimacy to these productions and thus makes them more interesting and more desirable for collectors.

The disc opens with a vocal sung in Portuguese by female artist Francesca Russo, music is by Marco Werba, but the lyrics interestingly enough are by Alberto Grimaldi, who also directed the movie. Track 2 on the CD is the Opening credits, in this the composer brings together the string section to introduce the theme, as the composition progresses and builds Werba adds to it flute and also a solo violin embellished by a mournful sounding horn, the horn then takes on the central theme and is it self supported by harp and strings with occasional punctuation from percussion. Track 3, “Joa’s Arrival”. Is where one will notice a resemblance to the work of Delerue, solo guitar is accompanied by the use of subtle and somewhat understated underlying strings, that work so well with the guitar performance and create a warm and emotive melody. Track 4, “Turkish Melody” is also an emotional one, guitar again is utilised to great effect.

For track 5, “The Kiss” the composer employs solo flute, which is enhanced by slight strings and harp that are joined by minimal use of guitar, it is again a touching and somewhat heartrending composition. Track 6, “Anita Riding”, is for me one of the outstanding cues on the compact disc, it is a slightly more up tempo and urgent version of the scores central theme, with strings again taking the main part of the performance, but as these strings fade and the urgency in the composition lessens we are treated to a rather serious but beautiful melody performed on guitar underlined by restrained strings. Overall this is an interesting and certainly pleasurable release, and one that I would certainly recommend without any reservation. Lets hope there is still many more to come from Godwin and his Kronos label.

John Mansell