Three portraits, three women, three courtesans. Through three Centuries, from the ‘500 to the first ‘900.
Veronica, Margaret, and Greta are female characters who made history. In a vacuum, either in reality or in our imagination, in a place where anything could have happened. In an ancient palace of Lords, in a room almost completely empty (a table-desk, a chaise-longue, a bed, a few items of furniture), whose frescoes of another era now fall to pieces, they, over the course of history, meet a few characters of their lives. Men and women who have contributed, for better or for worse, in the vices and virtues, in good times and bad luck, to their lives. A gallery held together by a single theme: Sacred love and profane love and the impossible compatibility between them. Sex and flesh or soul and spirit? Introduced and presented by a Master of Ceremonies in tails, who directs and marks in his own way the narrative , the protagonists discover that true love can not conjugate with chastity, passion and death.